Terms and Conditions

Updated August 10, 2020

  1. Scope of Application

This document governs the terms and conditions of use (the “Terms and Conditions” below) that apply to the website goh.law (the “Website” below) that belongs to GODOY & HOYOS ABOGADOS S.A.S. (G&H) as well as to the products and/or services that G&H offers through the same (the “Services” below).

Access by any person (“the User” below) to the Website and the Services that G&H offers will be governed by these Terms and Conditions; and it will be understood that anybody visiting the Website or doing any activity through it accepts the Terms and Conditions unconditionally for the mere fact of using the Website. The above includes acceptance in regard to the personal data treatment policy (the “Privacy Policy“) that is published on this Website and which is a constituent part of this document, as well as any other document that G&H publishes on this Website which regulates the use of it or the Services.

In case the User disagrees with these Terms and Conditions, or with the Privacy Policy, or with any other documents that govern access to and use of the Website or of the Services, it must refrain from using them. This is so because the Terms and Conditions are binding and mandatory for both the User and G&H.

From time to time, G&H may modify these Terms and Conditions unilaterally, on the only condition that it publishes the modifications on the Website. It will be understood that the User accepts said modifications by the mere fact that it uses the Website or the Services provided through it. In case the User disagrees with the modifications, it must refrain from using the Website any further, and may request that its User Account be eliminated from the Website.

  1. Legal Capacity

The Services offered by G&H will be available only for those persons that have legal capacity to make contracts. Therefore, the underage may not use the Services of this Website.

In case a legal entity wishes to create a legal relation with G&H [through the Website], this must be done through the statutory representative or duly appointed power of attorney of that legal entity.

  1. Ownership of Website

The Website called goh.law is the property of GODOY & HOYOS ABOGADOS S.A.S. (“G&H”), a firm with its main domicile in the city of Bogotá, Colombia. For all purposes, it will be understood that G&H is the principal contracting party with respect to the Users and in regard to use of the Website and the provision of the Services.

  1. Surfing and using the Website – User Accounts
  • Simple surfing. Without detriment to the rules set in article 1, any person or User may surf the Website called law without having to create a User Account with G&H.
  • Access to the Services. Notwithstanding the above, G&H may at any time create user accounts on this Website (“User Accounts“) for the benefit of its clients or other third parties.

The information included by any User on the registration form must be truthful and exact; and the User will be responsible for the accuracy of the data that it provides. The User will be responsible for keeping this information up-to-date. Notwithstanding the above, G&H may at any time require the User to provide supporting documentation with respect to the information provided to verify the data.

G&H reserves the right to restrict or block any User Account and the right to reject the setting up or registration of any new User Accounts. G&H will not be required to explain the reasons of its rejection or denial; and this will not generate any right to any indemnification in favor of any person.

G&H will treat the information and any other personal data provided by the User for the creation of its account (or for any other purposes that pertain to the use and surfing of the Website and the Services) according to the Privacy Policy.

The User may access its User Account using its username and password. The password will be confidential, for exclusive use by the User. The User will be solely responsible for any transactions made through the User Account – and G&H will not assume any kind of liability or responsibility for any actions carried out through that account.

  1. Services Offered by G&H through the Website

The website called goh.law is a website set up to provide information to clients and other third parties in respect of the Services and activities carried out by GODOY & HOYOS ABOGADOS S.A.S.

G&H is a law firm that carries on the practice of law in Colombia. The scope of the entire information and contents found in this Website is limited —confined to Colombia exclusively. G&H does not provide any services through the Website. Therefore, the information published in it is not intended and must not be interpreted to be legal opinions, legal recommendations or any other kind of legal advisory product.

The decision to access the Website and consult it is totally free on the side of the User. In consequence, G&H may not be made liable for any misuse and any actions carried out based upon the general information or comments contained in this Website. Neither will G&H assume any responsibility or any liability for any decisions made by the Users based on any information made available in this Website.

  1. Privacy Policy and Authorization for Personal Data Treatment

In case the User provides any personal information (“Personal Data“) to G&H, it accepts to abide by the Personal Data Treatment Policy that it may read on this website.

  1. Intellectual Property

The contents of this Website, the information provided in it, its contents, software, email addresses and any other similar items are the property of G&H and are protected by intellectual property laws.

  1. Indemnity

The User agrees to defend and hold harmless G&H and its employees, directors, managers or controlling entities for any claim, lawsuit, legal action and generally for any type of claim that may be initiated against G&H by any third parties or any other Users in relation to use of the Website. The above includes assuming the costs of any legal defense, any lawyer fees and expenses, and any other applicable expenditures, in such a manner that full indemnity is guaranteed.

  1. Advertising and links in the Website

The Website may contain hyperlinks or links that would lead the User – should it click on any of them – to other websites that are neither owned nor operated by G&H. Accordingly, G&H assumes no responsibility or liability for any surfing and any other actions carried out by the User on those websites.

The links or hyperlinks of these websites will be governed by commercial agreements made by G&H previously with the provider or operator of each respective website.

  1. Applicable Law

The use of this Website, or any conflict that may derive from the use of the Website and the Services provided in it will be governed by the laws of Colombia; and any conflict or dispute relating to this will be settled by regular Colombian courts of law.