Privacy Notice

Godoy & Hoyos Abogados S.A.S (the “Responsible Party” or “G&H”), as the party responsible for the treatment of personal data, acting in compliance with the rules of Law 1581 of 2012, its regulations and any other related laws and regulations, informs the data holders that their personal data will be treated according to the personal data treatment policy of G&H, which they may consult at the following link.

The purposes of personal data treatment include the following:

  1. To keep constant contact with clients and potential clients, and perform any contractual obligations that derive from the provision of legal services by G&H.
  2. To promote Firm events, and to send information newsletters.
  3. To cross check and verify information in other databases – both national and international – to prevent corruption, laundering of assets and terrorism financing.
  4. To evaluate the quality of the services provided by G&H.
  5. To send out fee proposals, and to keep contact where the approval of a fee proposal is still pending.

In case G&H has any access to any sensitive data, the data holder will be informed about his/her ability to refuse to provide responses to the questions being asked, when these deal with sensitive data or data of children and adolescents.

The following is the information of the Responsible Party for the treatment of personal data. It may be used to make consultations or to file complaints or requests in respect of personal data treatment:


– ADDRESS: Carrera 14 No. 94 – 44, Piso 6. Bogotá D.C.


– TELEPHONE NUMBER: (57-1) 6348533

According to personal data protection laws, the data holder is entitled to know about, update, rectify and suppress his/her personal data, and he/she may revoke the approval given for the treatment of his/her personal data, and may file complaints and exercise any other rights provided for under applicable laws.