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    We always have
    something different to say

    We always have
    something different to say

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    Our Team

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    “We choose to work with them because of their important experience in tax matters,” adding that “their broad experience in this area is their main strength, particularly in relation to both the public and private sector, this has been key”


    “A Firm with great talented people, where the partners are always present, which provides quick and efficient responses to the client.”

    “Outstanding practitioner Catalina Hoyos Jiménez is described as “a very respected individual” by a market source. One client particularly highlights her “very good negotiation skills and gigantic knowledge base,” while another source further states that “her legal analysis is complemented by economic insight – this is one of her main strengths.”

    Associate-to-watch Andrea Caicedo is recognised by an interviewee for her “good work” in this area. She regularly advises on foreign exchange controls in free trade zones.

    “The experience [of working with them] is unbeatable – both at a personal and professional level. The big law firms have lost ground by delegating important cases and clients to junior associates – but at GH the partner is always there. This distinguishes them, and it makes them special and unique.”

    “A Firm with great quality, quite versatile. I would recommend them undoubtedly.”

    “Department co-head Juan Pablo Godoy Fajardo continues to be well regarded by commentators, with an interviewee describing him as a “very good and active” presence in the market. One client particularly praises him as “a very important, recognised” individual”.

    Jaime Moya continues to be noted by market onlookers who acknowledge his long-standing presence in the field. One interviewee comments: “I know him very well, he is a great lawyer.”

    “GH is an organized enterprise, with very competent lawyers. They provide ample experience in the handling of every case. Both the partners and the associates are open, easygoing, and unassuming – despite their awards. The partners are always available.”

    “They are magnificent for a number of reasons: the partner is always involved, they retain their talented lawyers, their costs are reasonable, and they have immediate response capability.”

    “Mónica Hernández garners praise from her clients, one of whom enthuses about her knowledge of international tax law”.

    “For me, the best [legal] advisors that we have are those of Godoy – in fact, they are my benchmark firm.”

    A client is quick to highlight: “For me, their main strength is their commercial vision,” further explaining: “They understand the business in such a profound way and offer a very important customer orientation, identifying the needs of the client and acting accordingly.” The same client continues: “They are absolutely a world-class firm and a reference in Colombia in tax advice”

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